In order to minimize the damage caused to the products during the transportation and circulation process, to ensure the safety of the products, to facilitate the storage and transportation, and to speed up the handover inspection, we take the energy conservation and emission reduction related to product transportation as the starting point, and actively promote the optimization of product packaging, and further develop Product planning, transportation efficiency and improved movement during the development phase.

At SUNLAND, we see green packaging and product transportation as an innovative opportunity to help companies reduce waste by:

Innovative packaging design:

By reducing the size of the box, you can get more boxes in the same space. Put more products in one box, which can reduce waste as a whole.

Innovative materials:

Our packaging engineers are inspired by nature to find recyclable and sustainable packaging materials and processes, which means that packaging can be recycled more easily when packaging is no longer used.

Better logistics:

By constantly evaluating transportation and logistics, we have found a way to ship products to you better and greener (regardless of where you live), and to make transportation more efficient, we have improved our manufacturing The process of board and loading and unloading trailers in order to obtain efficient and practical space for transport product loading. This reduces the number of shipments and carbon dioxide emissions.

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